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The Angler is for people who enjoy the sport of fishing. It serves as an information community for the general angler, as well as a source for groups, clubs and professional guides to present their groups and services. Check out all features The Angler offers and why you should join. It is unlike any other place you will ever discover.

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Why Join The Angler

For the General Angler

With a corporate transfer, I started fishing in Beaver Lake, near Rogers, a small town in northwest Arkansa. It was in the 70's. Oh, what an experience. Largemouth bass and crappies. It was unlimited biting and joy. I then moved back to the Chicago area. I have not fished since 1978. So...It is now 2022 and, as an again starting-out angler in the Chain O'Lakes, Illinois, I'm chasing information on where to fish, how to fish, what equipment, lures and accessories to buy.

What to do. I joined a local club at my marina. It's a very active club and a bunch of great guys and gals. They invited me to join – hallelujah, I'm in. Having looked at dozens of websites, I concluded there is something lacking in the fishing sport – a depot for new anglers and a website that is interactive. Facebook is not a consideration. I don't want a corporation who's main goal is monitor me so that they can sell my access to advertisers. No thanks.

Hence, the reason for The Angler. A centralized resource of information for start-up anglers like me; A home for new and long-time anglers to creat their own, private or public groups, share and offer advice for the rest of us.

  • Camaraderie
  • Build Your Own Group
  • How To Libraries of Information
  • Articles by Professionals
  • Angler Stories
  • Equipment News
  • Complete Privacy

For Professional Guides & Charter Providers

One of the members in my club is a well respected, professional fishing guide, who specializes in kayak fishing. What a grand idea! I'm thinking, anglers like him would be a great asset to have. I was paired up with him – damn, life could not be better and he is teaching me techniques which would take me a decade to learn. I want him and organizations like his to have exposure to fellow anglers. There will never be in-your-face sales and advertising on The Anglers, but we should have access to what they have to offer, if we want it.

  • Build a Group
  • Promote Your Services
  • Communicate with Your Followers
  • Publish Your Articles

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Upcoming Features

Currently, The Angler is a work in progress. I am obsessed with generating, compiling and installing as much information as is possible. Please be patient, Support the mission and become a founding member of what I hope will be the best home for all anglers – young, old, and yes ... ugly.

  • Join Other Groups
  • Create Your Own Group
  • Group Activity Live Streaming
  • Generate Group Announcements
  • Create and Publish Events
  • Create Albums for Events
  • Link or Upload Videos
  • Link or Upload Audio Files
  • Send Group or Private Messages
  • No Monitoring of Your Activities
  • lndividual & Total Privacy Settings
  • Promote Your Guide & Charter Services
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Founding Members & Sponsors

Get a life. Have some fun. Let's build The Angler's Community together.

Founding Members ꟷ 5 Reasons

  • Be at the helm of a startup community
  • Input into design and structure of the community
  • Input purpose, mission & direction
  • Become a Director ꟷ 7
  • Annual Dinner

Founding Sponsors ꟷ 4 Reasons

  • Be at the helm of a startup community
  • Recomment design, structure, content and needs of the community
  • Support youth recruitment and school fishing clubs
  • Recommend purpose, mission & direction

Myth or Fact?

Myth or Fact

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If you have nothing else to do, join The Angler for one simple reason: Be able to to read and comment on my gripes, enjoy some laughs and my ignorance when it comes to fishing. Set me straight ... Set us all straight and keep the sport of fishing fun, honest and exhilarating.

Oh, by the way, the other species fishes as well – perhaps even much better! Meet one of the  six women who is talked about as "Revolutionizing the World of Fly Fishing." The article, by Blue Ridge Outdoors, can be read in its entirety Here.

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April Vokey

Born and raised in the shadow of the Northern Rockies in Chilliwack, British Columbia, April Vokey has been fishing in one capacity or another for most of her life. “I think it was the sheer excitement of being outdoors that drew me to fishing in general,” April says. “I’ve always loved water— creeks, rivers, lakes, the ocean, rain—all of it, but I loved the trees and mossy forest bottom just as much.”
Image credit & copyright: Photo by Tracy Moore


 Latest Articles & News
(Some articles are still under development.)


If you would like to publish your articles, please contact us.
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September 21, 2022

Catch & Release Mortality

Category: Featured Article Author: ChristophGOlesch
Catch & Release Mortality Now that I have been catching and handling fish again, I have become very aware of the damage being done to the fish while attempting to release the hooks from their mouths, especially treble hooks which dominate crankbaits. As one professional angler…


Catching Bass

the angler logo 01
July 31, 2022

The Elusive Largemouth

Category: Catching Bass Author: ChristophGOlesch
The Elusive Largemouth This article is under development. Will be publsihed soon.
the angler logo 01
Jul 31, 2022

Selecting the Correct Lures

Catching Bass ChristophGOlesch
Selecting the Correct Lures This article is under development. Will be publsihed soon.
the angler logo 01
Jul 31, 2022

Bass Forage

Catching Bass ChristophGOlesch
Bass Forage This article is under development. Will be publsihed soon.
the angler logo 01
Jul 31, 2022

Types of Bass

Catching Bass ChristophGOlesch
Types of Bass Believe it or not, a Latgemouth bass should not be the only one we chase. Below is a list of other species which are just as…


Fishing On The Chain O'Lakes

the angler logo 01
July 31, 2022

Where Northen Pike Reside

Category: ChainOLakes Author: ChristophGOlesch
Where Northern Pike Reside This article is under development. Will be publsihed soon.
the angler logo 01
Jul 31, 2022

Where The Fish Are

ChainOLakes ChristophGOlesch
Where The Fish Are Being new to the Chain, it will be some time before I can speak with some authority. But, reading through some of the…

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